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Urban Paris Landscape – The Ugliness Source of Beauty

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Urban Paris Landscape – The Ugliness Source of Beauty

By March, 2020May 9th, 2022No Comments

You can easily get into the soul of Paris by observing its’ urban landscape. A heritage that proudly displays its resources but whose hidden side, the more confidential side, harbours a very inspiring underground scene for all creative people.

Less exposed to the general public, some abandoned spaces are just as enchanting. In the depths of the capital, the vestiges of another time are secretly hidden. Artists’ fascination with old brothels, industrial wastelands or dilapidated railway stations testifies to the attractive power of ugliness as a source of inspiration. These uninhabited, often abandoned places have only one thing in common: the gaping wounds of their history, displayed in the open air.

Divided between contradictory feelings and absolute imagination, the artist sees in alteration of their original beauty, another creative process. Thanks to time and the decadence of the place, the ruins become an aesthetic marker of a new kind, which sets the neurons in motion. The wandering mind is animated by an unusual scenography where silence reins supreme, where nature gradually takes back its rights, where the decay of the place forces introspection and inspires inspiration. The exploration of my(s)thic places gives rise to another form of expression experienced by photographers, graffiti artists, or diverse artists in search of authenticity. And if their assertion about ugliness finally accredited all the subjectivity of art…