Fashion and technology industries are quite often talking in different languages, never mind be in the same room. However, last month saw the inauguration of our new fashion technology innovation lab, Foundry Powered by IFA Paris, successfully achieve the bringing together of professionals from both worlds. Industry members from fashion brands such as LVMH, COS, Zadig et Voltaire and Coty discussed with technology giants such as IBM and FoundryGoogle over cocktails & canapés about the future of fashion, and the importance of developing fashion technology in Paris. Goal one achieved!

An opening speech by IFA Paris’ Managing Director, Jean-Baptiste Andreani outlined the importance of nurturing technology skills within the next generation of fashion students, as it is estimated that 65% of jobs that will directly involve technology and innovation have yet to be created within the fashion industry. Speeches followed by Foundry partner, IBM: Arnaud Pelletier, Director of IBM Studios Paris, and Julie Dherbécourt, Director of Sales - Retail, Luxury and Consumer Product Industries, both echoed the sentiment by stressing the importance of having new innovation hubs Foundryin Paris to support upcoming talent, as well as brands that are brave enough to embrace digital transformation. Hence, why such partnerships between different industries are important. Throughout the evening guests were inspired by innovations on show such as TG3D Studio’s 3D and fabric scanners, and N-Hega’s pattern digitizer system as they sipped their wine. Goal two achieved!

The inauguration sees Foundry Powered by IFA Paris now open for visitors to also be inspired. Foundry is delivering lab tours and is now accepting applications from individuals and organisations that want to join our Community Membership. Our new and highly anticipated Startup Program aiming to support fashion technology entrepreneurs and startups through a 6-month incubator program is also accepting applications. We can’t wait to see the space fill up. Email [email protected] for further information or visit for details on how to get involved.