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Sustainable Fashion Specialist Megan Mummery Gives a Digital Talk to IFA Paris Istanbul Students

Fashion Sustainability

Sustainable Fashion Specialist Megan Mummery Gives a Digital Talk to IFA Paris Istanbul Students

By June, 2020April 19th, 2022No Comments

Online CAC Activity
Location: Zoom
Participant: IFA Paris Istanbul students

Class: Sustainable Fashion
Speaker: Virtual Designer Meeting with Megan Mummery from Oh Seven Days
Topic: Oh Seven Days Brand story emerging from Istanbul inspiration with sustainability and quality material
Purpose: The creation process of a successful example for sustainability and design in fashion inspires students.

Megan Mummery, who was born in Canada and relocated to Australia when she was very young, moved to London to study fashion design after finishing college in Australia. After studying in London and working on the Antipodium and Zoe Jordan brands, she migrated to Istanbul and established Oh Seven Days, a concept she created by combining her cultural and geographical experiences in Istanbul in 2014. It aims to create indispensable parts in the cabinets of conscious and ethical consumers with its brand, the unique details it creates.

All designs of Oh Seven Days, such as dresses, blouses, skirts, sweatshirts, have traces from different countries and cities where the designer lived. The designer, who gives the name “Elin” to the Fall / Winter Collection in Turkish, refers to the style of the collection that propless the craftmanship aspects of a handmade garment. It projects the sports-luxury style of the brand with the pieces in its collection. This summer, on the other hand, creates a comfortable and modern collection of light and useful recyclable fabrics made of natural materials, natural colors and pastel shades.

During the presentation, the branding process in general and the inspiring story of the international brand coming to life in Istanbul were shared. The speech has also shifted to the trending topics such as , how the post-Covid process will affect the fashion trends, and the change in the production process and the consumer’s perception of fashion. The students had also a virtual tour of the showroom of the Oh Seven Days.