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Sustainable Fashion – IFA Paris Organises a Digital Clothing Swap

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Sustainable Fashion – IFA Paris Organises a Digital Clothing Swap

By May, 2020March 16th, 2022No Comments

The ethical fashion collective, Fashion Revolution, works for cleaner clothing production and more responsible fashion consumption worldwide. The aim of the movement is to multiply initiatives in order to raise awareness of the need to rethink the entire textile industry.

Today, making, enjoying or consuming fashion means looking at practices that are more respectful of social and environmental impacts. For this reason, IFA Paris is once again associated with the Fashion Revolution Week. A week where, in essence, the theme will remain in line with the one initially planned, the clothing trade, but which will take on a completely different form due to the global health crisis.

Seeking to be both an aesthetic and ethical consumer has become a civic act. Through its projects, partnerships and Sustainable Fashion courses offered by the school, IFA Paris tries to democratize eco-responsible fashion and encourage consumers to adopt other shopping behaviours. Alternative fashion, upcycling, vintage, second-hand or vegan clothing made from vegetable fibres are all resources to be exploited when one wishes to reduce one’s impact on the environment.

This year’s Fashion Revolution Week, in association with Global Fashion Exchange, focuses on the benefits of second-hand and the practice of dressing rooms. These are places where fashion enthusiasts can exchange ideas, usually conducive to moments of conviviality, and are an opportunity to promote style without harming the planet. Just two months ago, they allowed people to enjoy themselves while working to preserve the climate…but with the Covid19 pandemic, organized clothing barter in a confined space is now only a far-off memory.

In order to best adapt to the current exceptional circumstances, IFA Paris has decided to maintain the event while changing its presentation. In accordance with the recommendations, the school grounds will therefore not house a physical dressing room but will eventually be replaced by a “digital clothes swap” taking place at the beginning of the new school year. To your closets and keyboards!