The presentation of the mens’ collections for the winter season 2020-2021 has just been completed after more than 50 fashion shows in the French capital. Organized by major fashion houses and new designers, Paris Fashion Week for Men presented its’ latest trends. IFA Paris unveils a year in advance, how to compose your ideal wardrobe.

From 14th to 19th of January 2020, fashion professionals attended spectacular and exciting fashion shows in magnificent settings, but what about the clothes themselves? Focusing on the 3 Dries van Notenmain trends of this fashion week:

1. Suit in the limelight

Iconic piece of masculine looks, the timeless elegance of the suit is making a big comeback! Revisited, it is now available in all established luxury brands (Dior, Vuitton, Paul Smith and Givenchy). The designers are largely inspired by tradition, but give the 2-piece a touch of modernity. The art of tailoring is combined through multiple interpretations; Punk at Balmain, Pop at Céline, the materials are noble, and the details are precious, combining contemporary designs and accessorizing to perfection. Suits could soon supplant streetwear, which is beginning to show signs of running out of steam, and the Millennials are thus reviving the codes of French elegance.

2. Gender fluidity

A great deal of femininity invades male looks to plunge the viewer into a confusion of genres. No gender silhouettes are adorned with glittering trousers at Dries van Noten, Loewe deconstructs the classic coat to transform it into an evening gown, Dior relies on extra-wide trouser cuts and gloved hands. Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Palomo Spain Givenchyset the trend by having their models dressed in Swarovski crystal bras while Bella Hadid paraded for the house of Berluti, dressed in a blue suit amidst men's tops, in a totally androgynous style.

3. Anti-morosity print-outsIssey Miyake

The great classics and strong pieces dare to use colour and offbeat prints; Issey Miyake offers a joyful palette of graphic and colourful prints largely dominated by vitamin-rich shades (burgundy, green, blue and fluorescent colours) while Céline or Dior reveal the animal in man, with animal prints straight from the savannah (panther, leopard or cheetah).

Every year, the FWH shows compete in creativity and originality with the women's shows, increasing the interest in the event... And why not imagine in the future, a fusion of the two events, to attend only one Fashion Week, common to both sexes?