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Return to Venice: Plastic Cape created by IFA Paris’ Students and Worn by Artist Alexandra Mas

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Return to Venice: Plastic Cape created by IFA Paris’ Students and Worn by Artist Alexandra Mas

By February, 2020April 19th, 2022No Comments

The Serenissima, the majestical city of Venice, has opened her gates to Alexandra MasNo Plastic Artivism during the Biennale, where several associations have been supporting the art act, Venezia Da Vivere, Alto Artigianato Veneziano, Associazione Piazza San Marco, Venice Tab Water and L’Associazione Dei Gondolieri, along with the extraordinary participation of mask master Sergio Boldrin. The performance was also produced during Art Miami in the official calendar at Aqua Art and Pinta.

But the story is not finished and Venice again welcomed the militant artist in Centro Espositivo San Vidal, part of the cultural program of the carnival, and with a 3 act eco – artivism performance for the stage. 1st act: the glory of carbon cult and consumerism civilisation, Alexandra Mas. Act 2: children of the world indignation, the change, the artist and the Marina Prando, Venice dance school students. Act 3: “Make Earth Cool Again” song by Freddy Clarke and Robert Trent Jones Jr. with the artist and the young dancers.

This subject touches so many artists around the world and some wanted to be part of the act created especially for the carnival. Poet and architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. and musician Freddy Clarke inspired by her artivism, prepared a song that was presented in avant-premiere before Earth Day, designer Oscar Carvallo made the costumes. Other major personalities appear in the video like fashion icon Diane Pernet and writer Carmen Harris along with young people expressing their concern.


Mas Tassini Studio
Scuola di Danza Marina Prando
La Bottega dei Mascareri
SHIM Art Network
Robert Trent Jones Jr
Freddy Clarke
IFA Paris
Oscar Carvallo Paris