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Positive Fashion Designed by Women for Women

Fashion Sustainability

Positive Fashion Designed by Women for Women

By June, 2020May 6th, 2022No Comments

Loyal to the fashion of its’ time, fashion expresses through its own textile language, the most significant changes in society. In recent years, ethical fashion has perfectly embodied the triptych of sustainable development on the social, economic and environmental levels. Men in general, and some women in particular, are committed and advocate for fairer fashion for all.

Like any form of art, fashion uses clothing to convey strong messages. Designers rely on their creations to make their voices heard, but some, if not all, have made slow fashion their own timeless signature and a true philosophy of life.

If the term “slow fashion” coined by Kate Fletcher is rather recent (2007), it is another English designer who, since the 1970s, has been a pioneer of responsible and sustainable fashion, Vivienne Westwood. For more than 50 years, she has been designing eccentric, colourful collections made from scraps of fabric, unsold or recycled textiles, excluding any animal material.

The younger generation seems to be taking over. Embodied by Stella McCartney or Valentine Gauthier, the new entrepreneurs give meaning to their “eco-friendly” clothing by conscientiously choosing ecological, recyclable or vegan materials.

In addition to their work as solidarity designers, they are often convinced vegetarians, fervent defenders of human rights and environmental protection, or regularly support the actions carried out in the field by activist associations (PETA).

They perfectly reconcile life and an ethical career. The success of their business model is based on their talent, but above all on their willingness to focus on the essential while remaining true to their values.