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Perfect Your Outfit with the Year’s Make-up Trends


Perfect Your Outfit with the Year’s Make-up Trends

By April, 2020April 19th, 2022No Comments

During fashion week, clothes are not the only things that make the show, but make-up enthusiasts can also enjoy discovering the key trends for the coming season. Discovering and combining the latest styles to adopt.

Mouth – the main theme of your make-up

Even if the heat of summer encourages light make-up, glamorous and sensual red mouths are making a comeback. Those who dare to assume their femme fatale side will tint their lips with love red, seductive carmine or passionate Morello cherry. More red than runway carpets or the shoes of a pair of Louboutins, the mouth is meant to be hypnotic (glossy at Fendi, matt at Mugler).

A little reminder? Put the focus on a pulpy mouth, dispense with make-up on the rest of the face… If you’re more into natural style, simply apply a lip gloss to your lips, it’s also very trendy!

Make-up trends

Make-up trends

Eyes – “Saturday Night Fever” version

Teleportation in the ’70s! Glitter and glitter textures rival each other in extravagant vitamin or metallic (gold, silver, copper) colour variations. Blushes, creams, eyeliner or rhinestones shine with a thousand lights on eyelids or lashes. Echoing disco nights, the make-up is meant to be sparkling and electrifying for both men and women. Marc Jacobs delights in red glitter patches, Margiella recolours the eyebrow entirely, while Valentino dares to use disproportionate golden eyeliner strokes that completely surround the eyes.

Small crystals, graphic eyeliner designs, pop art eyelids, to your palettes! One watchword: have fun and unleash your inner creativity!

A luminous face – glowy complexion for a radiant complexion

The trend is towards minimalism, the skin appears natural, with a close to zero defect tolerance. With a nude, slightly sunny complexion, the focus is on a glowy effect (accentuated on the cheekbones and eyebrows), to enhance the face as a whole. Many designers (Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant, Nina Ricci and Jacquemus) have made the complexion the flagship make-up element of the latest fashionweeks.

You will understand it, whatever the area of the face to beautify, your brushes won’t get bored in the coming months…