Everything about Paris intrigues, inspires, but above all fascinates. The artistic scene feeds its imagination with a rich urban landscape and an architectural heritage that is unique in the world. How does contemporary creativity draw its expression from the vestiges of the past?

Despite the passing of time, the power of attraction of Paris remains intact. A veritable open-air museum, Paris remains a fascinating city. Its economic, cultural, historical and architectural capital is so opulent that strolling around the city is a source of inspiration.Haussmannien

The ever present Haussmannian style, the museum resources, the memory of historic sites awaken all the senses and shake up feelings. Everyone's sensitivity is shaken, imagination is stirred, thoughts telescope, ideas are born. Unlike new cities where the verticality of buildings makes you nauseous, Paris tells a new story in the wake of its own, in every alleyway and every building. Each artist, craftsman, creator, feeds his own creativity on the elements of yesteryear to find a new interpretation. And fashion is no exception!

As a sanctuary of architectural aesthetics, the city (and its French chic) inspires fashion design. Designers exploit the stone by transposing their vision of architecture to women's bodies: shapes, contours, soft or graphic lines...buildings are educating people to develop a different vision of clothing. Two aesthetic concepts which are ultimately very close, but also very paradoxical. On the one hand, fashion and its transient tendencies, on the other, architecture and a lasting imprint... an antithetical bridge that nevertheless works perfectly.

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