What is fashion? Fashion is the permanent mirror of desires, desires, tastes and trends. And maybe also a little, a lot and to the madness of the best and the worst of the spirit of the time? A new pop and online media, the Mode Édition e-zine (https://www.mode-edition.com), has revolutionized with pep and brio the very idea we have of fashion. Production and media by IFA Paris!

Mode Édition (or MÉ) is not the title of the latest glossy fashion magazine launched by a major French or American press group. Nor is it the title of a new chic or fast brand. It's more and better than that! Mode Édition is the new fashion e-media, funny and funk, "made by IFA students and for IFA students", which we have been waiting for!Podcasts

Mode Édition is the new platform for free expression, produced with a lot of nerves and launched by IFA Paris, which is a hit in Paris, within the school and beyond its walls. Its authors - girls surrounding Victor, a Slovak and the only masculine writer - coming from every continent! MBA Global Fashion Media students turned into talented radio presenters, inspired DJs, critics and fashion journalists for the adventure. To see for yourself, listen to one of the Blog's Podcasts - also downloadable from iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcast - entitled "Black Friday and Fast Fashion: a tragic love story?" If anyone wants to offer us a fabulous job in the fashion industry or just listen to us, that's cool! "A radical and unusual paragon of a certain popular official culture, Mode Edition finally and humorously unravels Black Friday, a sort of a bland, washed-up version of the very act of shopping. Mode Édition hates boredom, that is said!

Mode ÉditionAnother podcast not to be missed, and it's free too: the one in reaction to this global vision of an interpretation of the world, a kind of contemporary torpor that would be too one-sided, expected, white despite the colors, entitled "Cultural Appropriation X Appreciation: Let’s Cut the Chaos! "The authors propose three recommendations to "warm up, be a wise artist and never act like an idiot": think before you act and put your mind to it, establish real collaborations and give credit to your sources of inspiration! We still like to follow industry news and the adventures of such bloggers as Marilyn Quarshie's trip to Spain, who is interested in street fashion and trends in Barcelona and Ibiza, describing and deciphering people's moods, the mood and atmosphere in the city, colours and materials. The spirit of the time, the street, the people, the life style!

"As young international and multicultural students of the MBA Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris, we want to present new ways of looking at fashion, culture, art and everything else. Our mission is to assess the contemporary culture of the new generation of designers, visionaries and leaders in the fashion industry!" says the happy team. The result is quite an achievement. Mode Édition is the first cutting edge online media produced in Paris with a strong accent. CNN and Vogue may be trembling. MÉ, it's a real showstopper and we love it!