Antre Gourmet was established in Cihangir in May 2000 as a Gourmet Shop to introduce the healthy local delicacies created with traditional methods by the leading producers of Turkey with various regional origins.

This flagship store is the center of attention of “degustation” lovers in Istanbul. Antre Gourmet’s menue offers over 50 types of Turkish cheese and specialities  in terms of variety and taste.

As part of their Gastronomy and Oenology seminar classes , IFA Paris Istanbul master students spent an afternoon  at Antre Gourmet discovering  fresh and matured local cheeses of Turkey like Basket Cheese, The Dirty Lady Cheese and Tulum Cheese (cheese wrapped in goatskin)".

This stop was among many other visits that enriched the seminar. IFA Paris MBA students have left the place with an amazing taste in their buds and minds.