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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students’ Visit to Modanisa Online

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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students’ Visit to Modanisa Online

By February, 2020April 16th, 2022No Comments

Modanisa is Turkey’s first international online shopping site platform and e-export champion. The co-creators of the brand are also the creators behind the concept of Modest Fashion week that made its debut in 2016 in Istanbul, before going on stage in 2017 in London and Dubai, in 2018 in Jakarta. Modanisa have customers in 140 countries and offer website contents in five different languages reaching more than 20 million e-visitors from all over the world.

Modanisa sells over 560 brands and 70,000 products. They have been also selected by Reuters as the world’s most popular Islamic apparel website, before being granted the prestigious “International Business Excellence” award for elevating local vendors onto a global platform making them global retailers. IFA Paris Fashion and Luxury school’s aim is to provide its students with the latest trends influenced by the societal and behavioral changes of the consumers in general. All new developments and concepts are integrated into our curriculum. IFA Paris Istanbul campus students highly appreciated to touch base with this concept enriching their perspectives. This visit also confirmed that Fashion is an expression of individuality and beliefs, that might come in all shapes, colors and forms. This multifaceted industry will never stop surprising us!