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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students Visit Hugo Boss Smart Factory

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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students Visit Hugo Boss Smart Factory

By February, 2020April 16th, 2022No Comments

Hugo Boss, also known as just Boss, is a German fashion brand founded in 1924 in Metzingen. Since World War II, Hugo boss started making men’s suit. Then the company has evolved into a major world-known fashion brand with its own women’s and children’s clothing collections. Hugo Boss has been also making perfumes since 1985. The brand is also known for his sponsorship of athletes and artist working in any field. The Hugo Boss prize was established in 1996 and is awarded every other year to a single or group of artists. IFA Paris students found it fascinating that this prize has no restrictions in terms of age, sex or nationality of the nominees.

Our students have also discovered that Izmir, Turkey is home to Hugo Boss’s largest production location. Since 1999, the company has primarily produced high quality business wear products here. On an area of 65,000 m², suits, jackets, shirts and coats are produced, and almost 4000 workers are employed. It is not only the largest production facility, it is also the most high-tech, as the company demonstrates what industry 4.0 looks like in practice here, with networked machines, extensive data analysis and flexible processes. IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA students enjoyed very much this trip and discovering their first smart factory.