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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students Meet with Colin’s Jeans Team

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IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students Meet with Colin’s Jeans Team

By February, 2020April 16th, 2022No Comments

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Fashion Business students have welcomed the marketing team of Colin’s Jeans as a part of their collection development module under the outmost care of their Collection development lecturer Ms. Zeynep Ocal.

The students have been extremely curious about the marketing and branding strategies that helped the brand to develop their international retail presence to 38 countries dispatched in various parts or the globe, reaching their customers through their 600 sales points and stand-alone stores.

The presentation has been followed by an energetic question and answers session. IFA Paris Istanbul campus MBA Fashion Business students were extremely inquisitive and intrigued to comprehend the power of discerning the very fast evolving global consumer profiles in the triumph of the brand positioning. Students’ main discovery was about the significance of having a dedicated group of zealous professionals and fashion experts composed of researchers, designers, cool hunters, buyers, product and visual merchandisers as well as all the retail operators working relentlessly against the scarcity of time for the prosperousness of any fashion brand. The objective of this event was to create awareness about the depth of fashion industry that is no doubt extremely fascinating and intriguing yet requiring solid knowhow and observation skills.