The pleasure of beautiful jewel­lery and the skill of those who work with it were some of the common grounds for dozens of civilizations that have risen in Anatolia. From the Hittites to the Ottomans, all civilisations developed their own jewellery style and technique, and added their colours to this vibrant herit­age. These are the milestones in the history that has trans­formed Turkey into a jew­ellery country with exports valued at nearly $2.6 billion. The tourism sales revenue is not repre­sented in these figures. If the expected rate of over $1 bil­lion in tourism sales were in­cluded, the gem export value would reach nearly $4 billion.

Looking back at the histo­ry of jewellery in these lands, the use of gems in Anato­lia dates back to the Neolith­ic ages, when mankind be­gan to establish permanent settlements. Excavations per­formed at Gobeklitepe, one of the most significant re­cent archaeological discover­ies, revealed ornaments made of natural shells, glass, stone and malachite from around 7000–8000 BC.

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Luxury Brand Management students have been exposed to a multitude of precious and semi-precious stones in all colors and shapes, in the Gemology laboratory. Mr. Emre Gunay has explained the importance of design in adding value to the jewelry itself.