IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Fashion Business Students have been invited to visit the Ozlem Suer Avant Garde Couture House, a historic mansion located in the heart of Istanbul’s most luxurious shopping avenue. Ms. Suer is not only a prodigy of her art, but also a pioneer in establishing this safe haven for fashionistas by offering multiperformance experiences created by Ozlem Suerthe participation of artists from abroad. The mansion provides a pleasant synthesis of various branches of art. MBA Fashion Business students were pleasantly surprised to uncover this historic mansion built in 1928. The building is set on a 650 sqm covered area, surrounded by a 1000 sqm garden, hosting giant magnolia trees. Every room in the mansion is broadcasting a different music, exhibiting contrasting collection range. The mansion is regarded as an experience and design base, dominated by art nouveau architecture and decoration.

Quoting the artist “Every collection is a personal tale full of happiness crossing different ages of life, imagining the secrets, illuminating what yet to come”. IFA Paris MBA Fashion Business students have asked lots of questions about the success story lying behind the performances of this unique designer and business person that show case in world fashion centers such as Dusseldorf, Tokyo, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris and Berlin. Ozlem Suer is also one of the two designers representing Turkey at the international Color and concept Board (INTERCOLOR) since 1997.