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IFA Paris’ Participation in the Open Mode Festival 2019

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IFA Paris’ Participation in the Open Mode Festival 2019

By January, 2020April 20th, 2022No Comments

An important event in the Parisian cultural ecosystem, the Open Mode Festival has once again succeeded in its’ mission to democratize fashion by conveying a message of diversity.

In order to support the new generation of the artistic scene, the festival promotes young designers who are bearers of essential social values.

This year IFA Paris presented a selection of designs from their 2019 graduation show. The carefully choreographed catwalk put the emphasis on the idea of finding freedom through the blurring of societal conventions. The message that the show conveyed focused on the notion of inclusivity. A celebration of the differences that make us stronger.

To illustrate this perspective, Jason King Leong, choreographer, decided to mix 5 professional dancers with 5 young models wearing either legs or arms prosthetics. The latter had previously walked for visionary company U-Exist, a creative venture whose aim is to design fashionable prosthetics.

IFA Paris and U-Exist have been working since the beginning of the year on the concept of transhumanism linked with fashion. The students in Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design, led by their lecturercPaloma Bouteleux, have been working hand in hand with U-Exist, and NGOs like Orthopus or My Human Kit, to design fashionable prosthetics that reflect the individuality of each user.

The usage of IFA Paris’ newest Fashion Tech Lab, Foundry, was an integral part of their project. Disproving fears linked with the dangers of increased technological advances has been IFA Paris’ mantra since the launch of their Fashion Tech Department,

The Open Mode Festival was an ideal opportunity to attend fashion shows organised by young designers as well as workshops and multiple conferences on subjects related to fashion design, all in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

For more information on the program involved in this project Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design