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How to Train Future Fashion Entrepreneurs Upstream?


How to Train Future Fashion Entrepreneurs Upstream?

By January, 2020April 20th, 2022No Comments

Often pointed out, French education is not universally accepted in the entrepreneurial world. It is often criticized because of the gap between the academic part, which is much too close to theory, and the professional part, which needs to be more functional and practical. However, the stakes are essential, because it is today’s high school students who will be tomorrow’s workers.

Based on this observation, FashionTechDays has decided to be proactive. FashionTechDays is an event created in 2015 which has since become the reference event in France for fashion innovation. FashionTechDays deconstructs prejudices for better collaboration.

The coordination of companies with the educational world, especially with schoolchildren, seems to be absolutely essential, and the discussions that took place at the last FashionTechDays are a step in this direction. In order to create the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, it is essential to implement the idea and to provide as many resources and information as possible so that this seed can develop. A high school student, except in rare cases, will not be able to manage a global project; he will have too many gaps and a lack of experience that will give him a partial or erroneous vision of reality.

This is where FashionTechDays comes in, making available to the many fashion professionals new technologies from an innovative angle. To do this it is essential to rethink the very way of producing clothes with a just-in-time flow to avoid waste and stocks. A closer exposure to the companies through courses, training sessions or open days is an essential part of the process, and this is what FashionTechDays supports.

For more infos on our Fashion Tech lab, please see our programs Postgraduate Diploma – Fashion Tech Innovation and Short Course Future Fashion Tech.