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How Digital Can Help the Fashion System Be More Sustainable

Fashion Sustainability

How Digital Can Help the Fashion System Be More Sustainable

By July, 2020April 19th, 2022No Comments

The issue of fashion sustainability is on everyone’s agenda, but what can actually be done and how can digital technologies help to combat this global problem? At IFA Paris we’ve been exploring this theme and here are some ideas that really excite us:

  • Zero waste: Digital pattern cutting software and rapid prototyping capabilities are becoming more and more sophisticated to the point where zero waste is possible. On our Startup Program, Speetra Design Studio is a great example of a company currently figuring out how zero waste can be achieved by using 3D printing combined with an innovative service platform for product developers. In most cases, developing physical samples no longer needs to be a huge wasteful exercise and with careful planning it can be achieved, as we well as saving costs.
  • Digital end-to-end development processes: Most parts of the collection development phases can now be digitised, from design and sampling through to showrooming. However, many companies are stuck in the culture of developing the old school way. That’s why we are teaching our MBA Fashion Technology students how to design 3D digital clothing with our partners TG3D Studio, digital pattern cutting with N-Hega and VR showrooming capabilities.
  • Traceability and verification: Brands can no longer hide, and many customers now want to know the origins of their products. This accountability has encouraged many brands to tackle this by integrating traceability and verification platforms into their systems (caution: greenwashing is also possible here), which can then be set in stone using blockchain technology. The Good Brands, another startup enrolled in our Startup Program operating in our fashion technology lab, Foundry Powered by IFA Paris, is exploring how to spearhead the verification of brands that are ‘good’ through their online platform. It will only be a matter of time where it will be so easy for customers to make a very clear distinction between the good and the bad brands.

To have a look at any of the technologies mentioned, or to meet our various incubated startups, come and visit our fashion technology lab Foundry Powered by IFA Paris based at our Paris campus.