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Fashion Education as a Therapeutic Tool Against Social Distancing?

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Fashion Education as a Therapeutic Tool Against Social Distancing?

By April, 2020April 16th, 2022No Comments

As a result of the health crisis, our daily lives have been put to the test for more than 20 days. The confinement resulting from the current crisis is upsetting all our social values. Generator of stress, sometimes lonely, this confinement just needs to be broken by all means… If you start to suffer from social distancing, if you have long conversations with your photophores or vases, it is high time to act and find alternatives to break the isolation! The therapeutic tool proposed by IFA Paris? Fashion learning for all online!

Despite the situation, IFA Paris is adapting. Students, whatever their background, are adapting to a new rhythm of distance learning as much as possible. The continuity of learning provided by e-learning is based on digital resources, both theoretical and practical, modelled on the school’s usual rhythm. But the intention of the pedagogical team is to extend an invitation beyond its walls, to reach beyond its own students, to ensure that fashion education is used by all as a real therapeutic tool against social distancing.

Through video workshops, installation, or practical tutorials (fashion illustrations, upcycling…etc), IFA Paris have started to offer since the last few days, free of charge to all Internet users, an insight into the exciting world of fashion. An original initiative, proof that the context of the COVID-19 crisis is enabling the development of other forms of interaction for anyone who wants to try it out. In order to minimise the negative impact of isolation, the school’s challenge is to introduce the world of fashion in a playful and practical way to a lay public. Between exploring new horizons and stimulating creativity, IFA Paris hopes to turn fashion into an oxygen bubble.

A worthwhile approach which, while respecting the physical distance imposed by the situation, should minimize the social distancing that has become unbearable for many of us…