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The Effect of Fashion Weeks on Designers’ Sales

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The Effect of Fashion Weeks on Designers’ Sales

By December, 2020April 13th, 2022No Comments

The activities that best keep pace with the change in the evolving fashion perception are undoubtedly digitalized fashion weeks and cabaret-like fashion shows. We wondered how the digitalization of fashion weeks and it being reachable for everyone in the comfort of home affected the real consumer rather than the purchasing agents.

Since 1970 fashion weeks, with their usual model, consisted of a platform and models exhibiting a collection on this platform, to be only watched by celebrities and big names of the fashion world. The active consumer, on the other hand, would have an opinion on the subject only with the images reflected in the press. The concept of fashion shows was consisted of VIP entrances, parties, the final greeting and a shy designer in black who entered and exited the stage for a split second.

With digital launches, digital fashion shows and accessibility to the collection, the designer’s imagination and space-time concepts were freed.

With a fresh start of digital fashion shows, the collections were promoted with the videos reflecting the inner world of the designer, his imagination and the integrity of the collection as well as the positive effects of the designer’s recognition on the consumer, sometimes with a movie scene, sometimes a parade of puppets, and from time to time, as a reflection of a fairy-tale world. 

Sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason

Sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason

In this way, designs gained dimensions and they turned into shows bearing the traces of emotions, even the past and the future.

Raisa Vanessa who made a name for themselves from Turkey is our guest to talk about the reflections of digital fashion shows.

Born in 1986, twin sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason were 15 when they designed their first bags. After studying Theater and Costume Design, they founded their own brand Raisa Vanessa in 2011. Defining their design approach as maximalist and brave, the sisters believe that they add dynamism and courage to Turkish fashion.

Raisa Vanessa exhibited their new collection Lake House with the digital fashion show they organized as part of New York Fashion Week. In the new collection of 71 looks by Raisa and Vanessa Sason, the founders of the brand that also took part in the third season of New York Fashion Week with its designs, golden seashells and thick chains accompanying shiny sequins are the details that catch the eye at first sight. The designers, stating that they describe reuniting with nature in their designs, where they combine traditional elegance with a daring femininity, say that they enrich the sparkle we are accustomed to see in the brand with the sparkle of nature and express that they desire to portray this with the natural glow of the glamorous Raisa Vanessa woman.

As a result of the fashion shows they have attended over the years, their popularity has increased by fashion lovers and they achieved a significant increase in their sales figures through their partnership with Trendyol, the country’s largest online fashion sales channel. It seems that with the help of their young age, energy and firm steps they take in the sector they will be the talk of the town for many years with their assertive styles, haute couture and ready-to-wear collections.