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DIY – Between Creation and Emotion


DIY – Between Creation and Emotion

By December, 2020April 13th, 2022No Comments

Before Covid, the “fait soit même ” trend was well under way, but it has become even more pronounced after successive confinements. The data on the DIY market are staggering! The economic, ethical and therapeutic triptych is constantly attracting new followers, and this Christmas, more than any other, should be placed under the banner of homemade gifts. A piece of advice, make room at the foot of the tree because obviously, not all the elves were on holiday!

The craze for DIY is part of a responsible approach that frees us from a classic mercantile system. In addition to having the satisfaction of making the object oneself, the DIY favors the detox cures of excessive consumption: manual activities become a complete lifestyle!

For children and adults alike, the possibilities of creative expression are endless because the time of simple noodle necklaces is over! Sewing, cosmetics, decoration or jewelry, all sectors are taking over the trend of “Homemade”.

The recipes or materials used are ecological, upcycling helps objects to find a new life, to fight against obsolescence prediction. The hunt for waste brings to light a new artisanal form of craftsmanship that is quick to downplay the environmental and social impact. Making yourself responds to the desire to consume in a more conscious and ethical manner, while bringing meaning to each of your actions.

In addition to ecological concerns, self-fulfillment and sociological impact dominate the world of creative hobbies. This unique creation wants to be extremely personalized, each one delivers its own share of personal touch in tailor-made creations where the sentimental dimension often supplants the very nature of the object. Communities of designers are multiplying thanks to digital technology; tutorials, blogs, dedicated channels, help to create a social link between the same followers, because, to devote oneself to DIY is above all to adhere to strong values of sharing, solidarity and mutual aid.

Still a few days before the holidays. The less talented can add to their gift list vouchers for sewing, knitting, embroidery workshops or why not, for an intensive course at IFA Paris such as Upcycling Fashion Short Course! As for the experienced, they still have a few days to get to work and please their loved ones while remaining true to their values. Why not explore the 0 waste range (wipes, wipes everything, fabric baskets), upcycling second hand clothes, or revisiting basic accessories… all packed into Furoshikis for gifts as green as trees!