Divide and conquer, or unite and innovate? IFA Paris has opted for multidisciplinary collaborations to place creativity at the heart of its' curriculum. The interaction between the skills of each individual enriches not only human but often artistic cohesion, enabling students to realize increasingly ambitious projects. Focus on the colourful program, which is the result of the collaboration between IFA Paris and Make Up For Ever Academy.

The short course Creative Director, was developed out of the school's desire to merge rather than divide all the necessary fields required to exercise the profession of Artistic Director.

The 3 pillars of the training, styling, make-up techniques and fashion photography are linked together, enabling all participants to benefit from each other's seasoned expertise. For several years now, IFA Paris and Make Up For Ever Academy have been working together to organize fashion shows, each one confined to its own field of expertise, styling for one and professional make-up for the other. Thanks to the implementation of this new module, the 2 institutions have decided to combine their respective know-how to make a diversity of talents, a source of richness where each participant will benefit from the other's values.

Although quite recent in fashion, the collaborative approach is now adopted by the largest luxury brands. Confined in their individualism until the early 2000s, the first collaboration between H&M and Lagerfeld came to dust off the egotism of the designers.

Since then, collaboration between fashion and parallel universes has become essential in all fields: new technologies, sport, streetwear, art... Following the example of Puma x Balmain, Giambattista Valli ex H&M or Rixo x Lacroix, co-branding is now an assumed marketing action, which benefits the notoriety of all the players and permits them to broaden their target of consumers, while expanding their offer.

Let's hope that the collaboration between IFA Paris and Make Up For Ever Academy will meet the same success as the capsule collections, that the short course Creative Director will meet its public and that the collaborative training will quickly become the breeding ground for new fashion talents!