IFA Paris’ Istanbul Campus Students Meet with Oner Evez - Famous Choreographer and Fashion Show Organizer.

The famous choreographer and fashion show organizer Oner Evez has been the guest speaker of IFA Paris Istanbul students. During his two hours of intense exchange with our students of MBA Luxury Brand Management, MBA Fashion Business, and Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology, he has shared his background and how his dreams came true though perseveration and hard work.

In 2007, he was the first choreographer who is invited by the Italian Fashion Committee for the opening ceremony of Milan Fashion Days. Evez said that his creative dreams have never been Oner Evezlimited. Setting a target is not easy and highlights that “having set a target is a privilege.”, provides you to focus your life vision dreams, your efforts to a meaningful target. Oner Evez, who says: “If I hadn’t probed my dreams, I wouldn’t be doing the job I love; If it hadn’t been for my dreams; If I hadn’t described my dreams and made them come true, probably, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now.”, Evez considers himself a concept man now. In addition to being a choreographer and his creativity, he is a concept man who creates fashion shows for the world-wide brand names and who is a brand consultant and art director in various brands. IFA Paris students have asked several questions and listened passionately to this one of a kind legend. Definitely it has been an eye-opener to the multiple branches that the fashion industry offers to IFA Paris students.