In these troubled times, fashion and luxury brands are giving the limelight, giving new voice and making themselves heard, even in Asia, with strong messages to the youth, quickly transformed by social networks into emerging trends. It is a question of a better future, of sustainable development, and also of respect for biodiversity.

The Italian luxury company Bottega Veneta, founded in Veneto in 1966 and known for its leather goods made in its workshop in Montebello Vicentino, is continuing to expand in Asia - as evidenced by the size and success of the megastore that the brand inaugurated in Tokyo. The Italian group is also making a name for itself these days on Japanese, Chinese and Korean Bottega Venetasocial networks by promoting innovation. On the eve of Milan's Fashion Week 2020, Bottega Veneta presented the world premiere of waterproof boots "for men and women", made of rubber with natural molecules that are "one hundred percent biodegradable" because they are made "from sugarcane and coffee”. Boots without chemical or synthetic products. After successfully completing experiments, Bottega Veneta assures that its boots are biodegradable in nature in almost a year in contact with microorganisms. 

The brands have found the right boots for their influential marketing strategy. Cool and affordable product, the sneaker, emblem of the sporting act, or the mountain shoe, symbol of surpassing oneself, are put forward.

The sports brand Adidas, for its part, has once again joined forces with the environmental and associative movement Parley for the Oceans and has just unveiled an improved version of its Terrex (Terrex Free Hiker) mountain boots, made entirely from marine plastic debris recovered from polluted seashores. Plastics and microplastics are crushed and then reworked to be transformed into polyester threads.

Yet another example of this passion: the Allbirds brand, founded in 2016 in San Francisco and partnered for the occasion with the Chinese giant Alibaba, has announced that it is preparing to open a shop in Shanghai, in the Taiko Hui mall, selling shoes and sneakers made from natural and sustainable materials. "In record time, we have seen considerable enthusiasm for our products among young Chinese consumers," said Joey Zwillinger, co-CEO of Allbirds, a brand that operates on its own.