Fashion can't be summed up by the design of a garment alone. Looking good means above all harmonizing the coherence between the components, the accessories, the hairstyle, but, the rising trend in cosmetics, is the new charm of a sharp look.

Always on the lookout for new creative worlds, the fashion industry has taken a new turn by asserting make-up as a fundamental part of style. It has gone from being a simple formality to an absolute necessity, be it day or night, light or bold, arty or smocky, it is now a true bridge between the beauty and fashion industries.Beauty in Fashion

Inspired by the live showcase of Fashion Weeks, mass consumption continues to grow. Products are adaptable, products respect the environment and the individual's nature, and the segmentation of the industry is finally providing a response to beauty in its many forms, in total harmony with each individual's uniqueness.

The major brands have clearly understood the importance of rethinking make-up by elevating it to the status of a new everyday language in contemporary society: its codes are universal, everyone uses them, everyone understands them!

We adapt make-up to our moods, to events, to our outfits. We choose it as carefully as we choose our clothes, because it beautifies them. We follow the trends, because, midway between symbolic identity and as yet unexplored aestheticism, they guarantee sharp looks inspired by the catwalks.

Behind appearances lies a reality: make-up is becoming the flagship attribute of style. Although the orientation is rather nude and minimalist, to beautify a look nevertheless implies a perfect make-up... and which knows how to be discreet.