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World Climate Day: Will Mankind Destroy Itsself?

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World Climate Day: Will Mankind Destroy Itsself?

By December, 2019March 16th, 2022No Comments

December 8th was World Day against Climate Change. Initiated by French and Belgian environmental associations, it aims to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change. It coincides with COP 25, which will be held until December 13th in Madrid.

The observation has been clear for several decades: our planet is dangerously warming up. If the Earth has experienced other periods of global warming in its’ history, this one is unprecedented in its’ scale and its’ main cause: the emission of greenhouse gases caused by human activities.

This phenomenon is a manifestation of what is called the Anthropocene. This term defines a new geological era (born with the Industrial Revolution) in which man has had so much influence on the Earth that he has modified its’ biosphere and the whole Earth system.

The consequences are the degradation of ecosystems such as oceans and forests, which are essential to absorb CO2 and support biodiversity. The last decade has been one of sad records: melting ice at the poles and rising sea levels and temperatures in the atmosphere and oceans. This has led to more frequent and intense natural phenomena: droughts and forest fires, storms, floods and soil erosion.

Man has become a danger to his own survival. Will he save himself before it’s too late?