We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with The Bridge Fashion Incubator, an initiative of the Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore, as part of our new Fashion Tech Program and Lab. Singapore is a hub for fashion innovation, and TBFI has been set up to ensure that its' selected fashion entrepreneurs will experience the best the industry has to offer.TBFI Singapore

This exciting development means that our pioneers of fashion talent here at IFA Paris can come together with those at TBFI to share ideas and learn from one another in a truly trans-global experience.

The Bridge Fashion Incubator, which has its' base at The Cocoon Space in Design Orchard, launched on August 19th. It will nurture fashion entrepreneurs who have a vision for their start-up which crosses the cutting-edge intersection of design, technology and sustainability. Their 30-week program will see the new and growing brands emerge having had intensive mentoring with leading industry experts. Workshops and modules TBFI Singaporewill be tailored especially for them, and they will also learn about prototyping and good business practice as well as how to attract customers and investors.

The first cohort of 11 companies to take part in the incubator includes the innovative fashion tech company Mycotech, who are investigating the use of mushrooms in sustainable fabrics. Clothesbar, a P2P fashion rental app, Tallis, a zero-waste fashion brand and Adrian Furstenburg, a handbag brand fusing digital technology with traditional handbag craftsmanship, will join them.

The partnership means that amongst other opportunities, IFA Paris students will benefit from the delivery of workshops and seminars in Singapore. TBFI participants can enjoy our brand-new Fashion Tech Innovation Lab set to launch September 2019. Together, we will be strengthening the fashion tech startup ecosystem by sharing knowledge, research and networks across the two cities to pioneer the space.

We look forward to sharing their journey and seeing how these start-ups evolve; developing into inspiring and innovative fashion brands.

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