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In October, Fashion Brands Clearly Display their Color… and it is definitely Pink!

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In October, Fashion Brands Clearly Display their Color… and it is definitely Pink!

By October, 2019April 20th, 2022No Comments

Symbolically known as Pink October, the first month of autumn is aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer prevention among the world’s population. The brands are competing for innovative initiatives to join this campaign; their engagement reflects the human and social dimension of the sector, far from the superficial image that its’ detractors would often like to give it.

Like the red ribbon against AIDS, (for which Pierre Bergé had fought for his entire life), in 30 years the pink milled cloth has become the world symbol of the fight against breast cancer, the sign of charitable support in more than 70 countries.

Evelyn H. Lauder, daughter-in-law of the founder of the world cosmetics giant Estée Lauder, is behind the Pink Ribbon initiative. A survivor of the disease in the late 1980s, she worked tirelessly on this crusade to raise funds and save lives through her Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), dedicated exclusively to breast cancer research.Pink October

Pink October

There is no better ally than the major brands of ready-to-wear clothing for women. The little piece of fabric is now displayed each year on capsule collections, the funds raised from these collections are used to finance screening, treatment or research. In this 10th month of the year, the Pink Wave is breaking out in all the shops and shopping sites, there is no way to escape it. The brands GAP, Rouge Gorge, Chantal Thomas, Pataugas, Caroll are participating in the 2019 edition, donating a percentage of their sales, or marketing limited edition items with an inspiring message.

Activist engagement is also a powerful way of communicating because, by enhancing their image, brands increase their popularity, especially among the millennium generation, which is very attentive to societal values. Pragmatic and attentive, fashion scrutinizes the world… and the world scrutinizes fashion, everyone finally benefits from it…

Making this ribbon of conscience an act of solidarity is an opportunity to enrich your dressing room while supporting the action. Ladies, in October, do some responsible shopping, and get into this trend which, for once is not ephemeral!