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IFA Paris launches its’ Bachelor Fashion Sustainability in Collaboration with NGO Redress

Fashion Sustainability

IFA Paris launches its’ Bachelor Fashion Sustainability in Collaboration with NGO Redress

By June, 2019April 20th, 2022No Comments

Always on the lookout for new resources to make fashion stakeholders more responsible, IFA Paris is launching a new program. After the implementation of the short course upcycling Fashion, the school presents an innovative field of study with the launching of its Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Sustainability. Students will have the opportunity to pick either a Fashion Design or a Fashion Marketing specialization and then move on to this third-year structure. Supporting students’ journey through sustainability is the NGO Redress that will provide and develop teaching resources in collaboration with IFA PARIS.

Redress and IFA Paris, have chosen to work closely together to ensure that future professionals in the fashion sector acquire the necessary skills to improve the environmental and social impact of fashion. This training is in response to the urgency of addressing the need for rapid and positive change. Redress is an environmental NGO that works to prevent and transform textile waste. The Redress Design Award is a program that raises awareness among emerging fashion designers around the world on sustainable design theories and techniques to foster growth towards a circular fashion system.

The program will cover 9 specific themes, grouped as follows:

1. Common Part (30-hour module): A familiarization with the fundamentals of sustainable development.

2. Sourcing (40-hour module): How can the supply of raw materials and the quest for innovative materials reduce the carbon footprint?

3. Smart Supply Chain System (45-hour module): Transparency and traceability, new business models

4. Textile (40-hour module): How to make a textile piece (weaving, knitting and vegan leather) emphasizing on both the quality and the durability of the materials used

5. Embellishment processes (45-hour module): new printing and dyeing technologies

6. Production (30-hour module): Introduction to the processes of pattern making, molding and 3D printing (module oriented towards new technologies in conjunction with our Fashion Tech program)

7. Branding (30-hour module): Understand the positioning of brands whose DNA is anchored in sustainability with a particular focus on the growing importance of story telling

8. Consumer Experience (30-hour module): The new consumer education, the excitement of emotional and sensory marketing

9. Closing the Loop (45-hour module): Closing the Loop refers to the concept of a closed circuit, a circular economy that allows for constant product recycling. Development of new business models illustrated by recovery, repair, transformation and resale services. Consuming less, consuming better, presentation of Upcycling valuation techniques.

The whole experience will be completed by a final cross-functional project where fashion and marketing students will work together to develop an integrated solution to a concrete problem.

Beyond the diverse nature of the modules, this Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Sustainable Development will be interspersed with meetings of actors working for sustainable fashion and punctuated by practical case studies.

Please find the full program details and registration details on our website Bachelor in Fashion Sustainability