We are excited to announce our partnership with Alvanon, the global innovations company that is shaping the future of fit by helping brands improve their fit to reflect modern-day consumers. We believe that the digital 3D transformation will become a standard skillset that all designers will require coming out of school.

Since 2001, Alvanon has used the latest technology and body shape data to advise the world's leading apparel brands and retailers on fit and sizing strategies. Our fashion tech innovation lab is honored to house a Alvanon Mesh Avatarrange of Alvanon’s 3D fit forms, which reflect the modern day consumers. These will be available for students and business to try out designs and samples for their projects. The lab also features the Virtual AlvaForms, where garment designs can be fitted, manipulated and edited in 3D design environments (replaces the 3D physical prototypes to virtual prototypes) before developing actual physical samples and this accelerates the whole design process and also reduces physical samples – waste.

The partnership provides students with advanced industry fit tools used in product development for the purpose of creating a state of the art learning environment for emerging designers.

In the wise words of the founder of Alvanon, Dr. Kenneth Wang - “all we can do is evolve” we believe our partnership will bring forth a new wave of designers and businesses equipped with the necessary skills in 3D physical and virtual platforms to improve the apparel manufacturing industry.

For more infos on our fashion tech program, see Postgraduate Diploma - Fashion Tech Innovation