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Initiatives in Favor of Sustainability to Save our Planet

Fashion Sustainability

Initiatives in Favor of Sustainability to Save our Planet

By September, 2019April 20th, 2022No Comments

Facing the ecological emergency, many countries attempt to alert their citizens on the necessity to strongly push forward their mode of consumption. More and more days of awareness are emerging since the positive transformation of the planet will only be able to happen if the efforts are coordinated. Because every deed counts, because any of us is a main actor of the ecological future, urgent action is needed!

On October 16th, France celebrated the national day of the fight against food wastage, an event during which participants teach the benefits of a more responsible consumption of food resources. The promotion of this commitment consists of a different approach than the culinary pedagogy, in which we learn to emphasize on the perishable goods and reduce the volume of the wastage. The optimization of raw materials has two objectives: the first one is to reduce the ecological impact and the other one is to diminish the social incidence of wastage.

If consumption bad habits can progressively be erased through knowledge and awareness, progresses on legislation (mainly the law on energy transition) contribute faster to radical changes.

A significant example is the one of hypermarkets that now have to work with charities to ease the distribution of unsold goods and are forbidden to destroy the foodstuffs that can still be consumed if they don’t want to be exposed to heavy sanctions.

Food is not the only industry involved in these mutations: the United Nations centralizes the principal objectives susceptible to combine economic growth and slowdown of environmental degradation in the frame of their ten-year program. Eradication of poverty, reduction of inequalities, and fight against climate change are the recorded recommendations for the green revolution to succeed.

Extreme recycling is, in the end, to agree to a new way of consuming, to exist according to a new life philosophy. Anti-wastage is also a great lever of creation. IFA Paris, through its new Bachelor program Fashion Sustainability, commits to work for a more ethical fashion. The school trains its’ students to rethink all the garments production process to tend to a more original design, without waste, while respecting the environment and integrating a CSR procedure (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Even though initiatives are growing these last few years, the task remains both ambitious and infinite. Every behavioral change will have to be based on the Zero Waste movement motto: “the best waste is the one which is not produced”.

For more infos on the corresponding program, please see Bachelor in Fashion Sustainability