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IFA Paris x The Future of Walking – The London Leg

Fashion Tech

IFA Paris x The Future of Walking – The London Leg

By November, 2019April 23rd, 2022No Comments

“What we both loved about the brief was that it was so open, we could take the concept and do what we saw fit without boundaries from creative field, working over a long period of time and find what inspired us.”
Santiago Estrada Nico, team Breathe, and Georgia Sinn, team Aeres

Our ongoing project with The Future of Walking came to a spectacular close with team members from the winning teams going to London for their prize. On August 8th they were treated with a unique opportunity to see first-hand and in-depth how an innovative fashion tech business develops its ideas. Santiago Estrada Nico, of team Breathe, and Georgia Sinn, of team Aeres had a productive and fascinating day at TFW headquarters at the beautiful Somerset House in London.

The day commenced with the Bachelor Fashion Marketing students enjoying a tour of the building and the workshops at Makerversity where the TFW team are based. After that, it was down to business with a discussion of the teams’ proposals, followed by an update by TFW on their latest prototypes and a demonstration of their 3D printing process. Finally, all the ideas came together with some deeper delving into facts and figures and how Santiago and Georgia’s ideas could work in a commercial capacity along with feedback for the future. Here are some comments from the day:

TFW, what did you particularly like about the winning teams’ presentations?

TFW: With Aeres, we liked the booth, the concept, social and media strategy. The way that individuals could interact with our brand for a holistic approach fitted with our world. We loved the design and how they understood our core aesthetics and images of the company. They had a really good marketing and design approach.

Breathe had included so much detail in their proposal. We were really impressed that they had conducted additional research and came back to us with revised numbers.

IFA Paris students, what was exciting about the collaboration for you?

Santiago: The ecological factor. Anyone can set up a company but to be sustainable is the tricky part. This made it very interesting when searching for different options.

What are you all planning on working on today?

TFW: We were blown away in Paris by the quality and quantity shown and the immense effort and thought; every micro detail had been considered. Today it will be a great opportunity to go over the details and really drill down into the teams’ thoughts. So far it’s been great to see how open they are to discussion and changing those plans as we go along.

“They understood what we wanted as a company and they really challenged us. As a young company we have references but we don’t see the whole journey. These guys challenge us to see the whole journey. They gave us a holistic vision.” – Sam Cryer, The Future of Walking, about the project winners Aeres and Breathe.