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Fashion Technology: Forecasting Shortage on the Job Market

Fashion Tech

Fashion Technology: Forecasting Shortage on the Job Market

By February, 2019April 16th, 2022No Comments

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, the technological revolution is gradually but definitely engulfing the fashion world. And yes… we’re going to have to adapt and get out of our comfort zone by breaching traditional codes. IFA Paris, as a fashion school fully aware of this digital shift, maps out the direction of its’ teaching towards modernity in order to respond to a fast-changing job market.

Accompanying IFA Paris students through the evolutions of the fashion industry is a permanent challenge for our institute, which foreshadows the operational upheaval in the sector.

It is therefore vital to redefine fashion education and reconsider clothing as a whole. No longer fulfilling only its’ primary role (that of covering up nudity or asserting its’ social position), it now contributes to collecting data or information, to communicating or even to increasing the limits of human intelligence tenfold.

The new face of fashion (but also of luxury) alternately takes on the features of artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation or the Internet of Things… so many intangible technologies that have been acclaimed by a fluctuating society where everything goes extremely fast. The sustainability of the textile industry today depends on the interaction of these advanced technologies with more traditional ones.

Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology

Fashion technology is not limited to product innovation, but it is the entire production chain that is being disrupted. Immersive purchasing experience, personalized sales techniques, digitally assisted production, intelligent fabrics, supply, distribution and consumption driven by artificial intelligence, all stages are impacted.

Even if low tech still has its’ place, high tech is seriously gaining the upper hand! Whose fault is it? To this fringe of ultra-connected DATAVORES from the Z or Millennials generations that are constantly pushing the limits of innovation.

This popularization of fashion technology therefore encourages the emergence of new professions whose lack of anticipation may cause certain tensions on the job market in the very short term.

To get the most out of big data, companies must find new talent to meet this demand.

It is therefore the responsibility of the educational actors to rethink the very core of each profession beforehand. To train these new talents to master the bridges between traditional fashion and advanced technology. To encourage students to acquire this range of transversal skills to make them the specialists of tomorrow.

Our role is to sensitize them, to prepare them for these changes so that the adequacy of skills is in line with the demand of the labor market: IFA Paris is ready for this revolution, you do same!

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