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The Disruption of Ambition: Fashion, Technology & Innovation

Fashion Tech

The Disruption of Ambition: Fashion, Technology & Innovation

By May, 2019April 16th, 2022No Comments

Fashion is not just about beautiful clothes and models stalking the runway. It has a huge effect on the entire world of culture, the society around you and the economy. Success in the fashion world rests not just on how creative you are, or how well you do your research. The most successful players in the fashion world didn’t get to where they are without ambition. Ambition rests on scale, scope and cost. Scale is the amount of people you can influence. Scope relates to the means for achieving it. And cost – how can you afford to do all this?

This is where technology comes in. Technology, through the internet, has provided means for you personally to have an impact on millions of people you could never have reached before. That’s scale. A good example of this is Farfetch, who has managed to connect thousands of boutiques around the world and extended their reach far beyond their natural vicinity.

Scope: new technologies provide means to actualise your plans. Machinery such as digital knitters by Kniterate and digital solutions like Edited enable designers, product developers and buyers to expand their capabilities like never before.

And cost: these technologies mean that starting a business, even a high tech one, is more affordable than ever before. It is not beyond anyone’s reach. Take for example IFA Paris partner, Neue Labs, whose proprietary technology allows for a low cost and extremely accessible method to creating wearable connected fashion.

We can disrupt the traditional fashion career pathways with new ambition. It is estimated the majority of current students in France will be employed in a job role so new, it has not yet been created. The fashion world needs specialists, solutions and start ups operating within the fashion, technology and innovation space.

That’s what IFA Paris is here to provide. IFA Paris has created a Technology Entrepreneurship module as part of the MBA Fashion Technology program to advance and nurture the skills required for the jobs of tomorrow. We will also be launching a ground-breaking Fashion Tech Innovation Lab at our Paris campus, equipped with the latest technologies, to enable us to do this.

If this sounds exciting and you think that you could be a fashion technology entrepreneur of the future, have a look at the Fashion Technology program at IFA Paris: MBA Fashion Technology