The all-new quadra hasn't gotten old and continues to attract women all over the world! In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its’ canvas sneakers, the Bensimon brand decided to mark peoples’ minds, by giving as many looks as years of existence! These re-interpretations are exhibited in Paris (Gallery Joyce). IFA Paris slipped behind the scenes and into the spotlight during this event, halfway between artistic Collab and Bensimon sneakersretrospective.

The "Du blanc à la couleur" exhibition once again showcases all the artistic facets of fashion; this artistic influence in fashion design had already been addressed last year, during the first partnership between Bensimon and IFA Paris.

By deconstructing and reconstructing the legendary sneakers, IFA Paris’ Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology students were instructed to turn away from the classical style, and to infuse new looks with the cultural specificities of each individual. Two students from IFA Paris, Edgar Malkhasyan (Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology) and Jase King (Short Course Fashion Studio) were honoured during this event, seeing their shoes selected for this retrospective, among the 38 other present artists.

The boundaries between fashion and art are becoming increasingly invisible, so much so that it is no longer possible to clearly differentiate between the two disciplines; it is still an emblematic brand that has just succumbed to the temptation to put art at the feet of its customers.