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IFA Paris Presents its’ 2018 Lookbook: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology

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IFA Paris Presents its’ 2018 Lookbook: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology

By January, 2019April 16th, 2022No Comments

The fashion industry has undergone profound upheavals over the past 10 years and must face sometimes contradictory transformations: the growth of e-commerce, the importance of social networks that are profoundly changing the ways fashion brands sell and communicate, the hyper-growth of luxury brands, the acceleration of the pace of collections, overproduction and at the same time decline of consumption in mature markets, consumer demand for transparency and sustainability, development of vintage fashion…

Nevertheless, at the beginning of all this, remains the fashion product, which is constantly being renewed, must create desire while resonating with the mood of the times.

This is why fashion design education, which also means technical knowledges of garments and fashion accessories construction and production, remains a crucial issue for the fashion industry and therefore for fashion schools. The strategic importance of the choice of Art Directors of the major luxury and premium brands is an illustration of all this.

At IFA Paris, we are fortunate to welcome talented students from all over the world, with very different cultural backgrounds, who come to seek France’s particular know-how in fashion education but in return offer us a global but complex vision of the relationship to fashion of this new generation, globalized but not standardized.

We wanted to share with you the work of a selection of these upcoming designers, from our 3 years Bachelor program in Fashion Design & Technology. We hope you will appreciate their creative endeavors as much as we do – they represent years of study, research and experimentation! We hope that this will give a small insight into the creative minds of a new generation, and perhaps ignite a curiosity to discover more…

At IFA Paris we love their talent!

Jean-Marc Chauve
IFA Paris’ Artistic Director

To download the full lookbook, please click here: IFA Paris 2018 Lookbook