In 2017 Dior launched a program called Women @ Dior. The goal is to help young women to shine more in the fashion industry. Female students have been selected from different fashion schools and they will have the opportunity to be paired with young female mentors working at Dior. Last year, Monica Pozyn from South Africa, a student in MBA Luxury Brand Management had the honor of being selected as a “Young Talent” by Dior in Shanghai.Women @ Dior

In 2018, three students from IFA Paris, Florentien Fransje Prince, Isabel Alamo Gomez and Maria Martin Santasusana attended the group interview for 2018 Women @ Dior. And Maria Martin Santasusana, MBA Luxury Brand Management student, who has been chosen by Dior. On March 15th Dior will offer her a trip to Paris for the event #DiorInside to meet her mentor and to discover the diversity of Dior’s métiers. She will be immerged in Dior’s universe of feminism and beauty.  This program is a huge opportunity for our student who will be closer to Dior and will develop her talent with a mentor of one of the greatest luxury brands. 

To be continued with an interview of Maria about her impressions and reactions, stay tuned!

UPDATE: Maria traveled to Paris for the Women @ Dior programme, you can read the report of her experience here: Maria Martin Santasusana tells of her weekend at Women @ Dior

For more information on the MBA program that Maria is pursuing, please visit MBA in Luxury Brand Management.