Designing Luxury Brands, The Science of Pleasing Customers’ Senses (ed. Springer): Diana Derval’s new book, who teaches innovation marketing, sensorial marketing and neuromarketing and anthropology (at IFA Paris, la Sorbonne or Donghua University in Shanghai). She explores the new borders of luxury, which are no longer limited to tangible goods but also about the realization of ideas or dreams which first seemed inaccessible.

Behavioural neuroendocrinology specialist, lecturer and founder of DervalResearch – that brands such as BMW, Louis Vuitton, Richemont, Sephora or Sofitel regularly use - Diana Derval, developed marketing tools such as the Hormonal Quotient®, le Wait Marketing or the Sensory Lab® which help companies to predict the consumer behaviour, the sensorial perception and consumer preferences.

Her new analysis book, Designing Luxury Brands, is very timely. Now a hot topic among the most commented ones of the contemporary consumerism, luxury marketing is more and more based on preferences, on ins and outs mainly out of any kind of logic, any kind of scientific explanations. Thus, the luxury industry constantly needs new tools to maintain “its dynamism” and even better “its germination”. “The objective of this book, Diana Derval explains, is to explain, thanks to unprecedented scientific discoveries, numerous case studies (Swarovski, Tesla, Louboutin, Chanel) and powerful models, why some consumers are more attracted by luxury and what shines, why ones like Louboutin shoes, why in some countries one is more obsessed by the status and luxury than in others, what makes skiing, yachts, latest designers’ handbags or a golden iPhone so attractive?: the book actually answers all these questions.”Diana Derval

In her previous book, The Right Sensory Mix (ed. Springer, 2010, awarded by the Marketing American Association), Diana Derval already outlined the major points of her unique approach of the brands universe. “After The Right Sensory Mix which was connecting the sensorial, physiological knowledges, the marketing and the product development, Designing Luxury Brands is a special edition dedicated to luxury and fashion.” Diana Derval adds, this time describing numerous discoveries and sensorial and physiological descriptions to finally explain why consumers are attracted by luxury, by such brand and how the processes operate.

Diana Derval contributes, by her approach, to the modernization luxury and fashion brands’ strategy, to freshen their choices, their ideas, and their perceptions. “Diana Derval brings a new qualitative perspective full of freshness and audacity on luxury brands’ strategies through a sensorial profiling, which will question the reflection processes of all the marketing experts.” Jean-Baptiste Andreani writes in the new book preface. On his side, Philip Kotler, the famous American strategy marketing professor, already considers Diana Derval’s new book as a “reference book”!

Michel Temman