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Modest Fashion: A Fashion thought by Women, for Women of all Religions and Beliefs combined

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Modest Fashion: A Fashion thought by Women, for Women of all Religions and Beliefs combined

By November, 2018April 17th, 2022No Comments

While modest fashion originates more from Muslim countries, the United States sparked a new interest in this trend: a struggle against all forms of debauchery and clothing drift. Between religious influences, respect for traditions, personal development and repeated polemics, what future for this so-called sensitive fashion, which has also become an economic factor for some and a political masquerade for others over the years.

The gap between modest and immodest women seems to be small, because it is clear that there is no longer a trend, but rather trends, in which each woman strives to find her own fulfillment.

A strong textile offensive that draws its’ influence from all religions and at the same time aims to respect cultural diversity, religious convictions and identities.

Beyond the primary role of clothing, the “modest wear” trend is therefore a sign of womens’ desire to regain control of their bodies by combining style and religion, with tolerance as a background.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana

A booming niche market, this trend has found its’ audience throughout the world; this reality did not slip through the fingers of those in the industry who have fully understood the stakes of such a windfall.

A commercial expediency that is formalized both in the type of clothing and in its’ staging.

Nike designs its’ sports hijab, Dolce & Gabbana develops its’ line of hijabs and abayas, Gap proudly displays its’ veiled mannequins in shop windows, H&M launches a purpose-designed collection (LTD) and displays the veiled mannequins in its advertisements. Mango, De la Renta, Uniqlo… they all succumb to the call of commercial success. And even if these campaigns are systematically controversial, buzz marketing should enable this industry to continue its double-digit annual growth in a segment estimated at 44 billion dollars… Not enough to give up despite the controversy.

Modest fashion is also coming to France, so in 2018 our MBA in Luxury Brand Management alumni, Amal Sultan, organized the first modest fashion show in France at the Crillon Hotel.

“Acknowledging his or her interest in fashion without contradicting his or her religious precepts” may be the original definition of modest fashion.

As for the manufacturers, we will simply quote Pierre Bergé who, with his legendary frankness, had reacted on the subject: “Waive the money, just have convictions “….