After graduating from IFA Paris, Amal Sultan successfully launched Modestissime, a Modest Fashion Show at Hotel Crillon in Paris - the first fashion show gathering Modest Fashion brands. It was a noteworthy and innovative show.

Since graduating with an MBA Luxury Brand Management, young designer Amal Sultan can’t stop showcasing her talents. Her last event was the launch of the first fashion show dedicated to modest fashion in the prestigious Hotel Crillon in Paris. Modestissime is a project she has been working on for a long time, always wanting to contribute to “change the vision of Modest fashion as a lifestyle. “I had been working on this for over a year and finally was able to execute it. I, along with my partner launched the first modest fashion show in Paris”

Trendy and colourful fashionAmal Sultan

Modest Fashion is generally associated with Muslim Fashion or black clothes mostly, but I believe that Modest fashion can be trendy and colourful and can be worn by anyone and everyone and not only Muslims in particular. I want people to identify it as something spiritual and not religious.” Designer, Consultant, Strategist for different fashion brands, and founder of Modestissime, Amal Sultan became an event producer for this instance; she integrally managed this event at Hotel Crillon along with her partner. “We are happy to have presented these four designers each with a different background, culture and religion, Hindu, Muslim and Christian.” In this case, Sahil Kochlar comes from India, while Blanche is from Morocco, Vertuoses from France and Vanderwilde from Spain.

Amal Sultan intends to go further. She is now working on the development of Modestissime while launching new projects. “I like challenging myself, trying different experiences. This motivates me and puts me out of my comfort zone!

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