IFA Paris and Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and founder of ventures such as Tesla and SpaceX have agreed to terms on a collaboration, which is to start in September this year. Musk is most famous for his ambitions on sending people to Mars, and he is well on the way with numerous successful test launches recently.

In this partnership, Musk’s SpaceX team of experts will work closely with IFA Paris’s fashion design students on designing suitable garments like a spacesuit and clothing to be worn on Mars. One aspect that is important, yet challenging, is that the clothes for Mars need to withstand a different kind of pressure and numerous elements such as gravity, compared to what we have on Earth.

Musk said: “It is a very complex project and we want to make sure that the people we’re sending to Mars will have suitable Prototype design: IFA Paris - SpaceXclothing to wear in that kind of environment. We do not want visitors to explore Mars in heavy gear like astronauts - we want fashionable, but safe clothing. We are delighted to start this exciting adventure with IFA Paris and we’re fortunate to be able to partner with such an experienced and knowledgeable fashion school as IFA Paris and their fashion design students.”

Prototype design: IFA Paris - SpaceXAs Musk and his team of SpaceX plans to send tourists to Mars in 2020, they have announced that the first ready-to-wear collection will include 8-10 unisex spacesuit pieces of all sizes that should start being produced early next year. Therefore, our students only have a few months for the whole design process, but Musk has mentioned that he is sending a team of 5 experts to our Paris campus to work with our students full time.

First prototypes have been shared between IFA Paris and SpaceX, see the attached images. We have hard work in front of us and a long way to go, but everyone is super eager and excited to get going.

We at IFA Paris are very proud to be part of this amazing project with Elon Musk and are glad to support him and SpaceX in their historic endeavors that could very well go down in history as a big moment. It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity for our fashion design students involved in this project. Stay tuned on our website and social channels and make sure to follow all the exciting work in progress.

If you believe this story, maybe you've been spending too much time online.. April Fools!

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