A marketing agency working with Paramount Pictures contacted IFA Paris to work on a capsule collection project for the launch of the movie "Ghost in the Shell", an adaptation of the famous Masamume Shirow’s manga, now starring Scarlett Johansson in this Hollywood movie.

A hand-picked selection of IFA Paris’ postgraduate students in Master of Art Contemporary Fashion Design were asked to create a series of original fashion sketches that incorporate technology to enhance the wearer's experience.

Inspired by themes found in 'Ghost In The Shell', the students were challenged to create designs that close the gap between fashion and function with concepts focused around aesthetics and future wearable technology theory.Ghost in the Shell

Working with two dedicated creative coaches the students started by immersing themselves in the universe of Ghost In The Shell through reviewing visuals from the original anime and listening to the soundtrack. The initial conceptual research led to develop an overarching theme based on the idea of fluid futurism. A genderless style illustrated by soft color palettes with silhouettes that mix strength and fragility.

The overall result puts the emphasis on hyper sensitivity with the integration of interactive fabrics that morph according to internal and external stimuli.

To know more about the program from which come the students participating in this project: Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design program at IFA Paris.