The Fashion Studio Short Course offered by IFA Paris provides the basic skills to become a fashion designer: from the drawing of the main idea to the creation of the garment and selection of the right fabric. The French fashion designer Cindy Temime explains why she chose and enjoyed this course!   

The Fashion Studio Short Course for fashion design of IFA Paris is a complete and comprehensive 256 hour program regrouping 3 themes: Fashion Design, Draping and Pattern Making and Textiles. Upon completion of this course, students gain the essential skills necessary to develop a basic mini collection.

The new and apprentice fashion designer Cindy Temime didn’t hesitate and went for it! “I was on vocational retraining, having a serious reflexion about what I really wanted to do. After my business degree, I was working in Marketing, Training and Recruitment. My last job was a headhunter in a recruitment firm. But at this time, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and was waiting for something creative and different. Then I realized that my real passion is fashion and that I really wanted to become a dashion designer. Crazy idea for me because I knew nothing about creating clothes! But I wanted to learn. I subscribed to some drawing and sewing lessons to begin and when my project was confirmed, I started to do some researches about courses.”Cindy's work in progress

Cindy Temime was searching for a short and intensive course. It wasn’t the good moment for me to do 3 more years of studies! After receiving information from some schools, the one I chose was the Fashion Studio from IFA Paris, for several reasons: this school has an international vision - the course is taught in English, I’m French and wanted to improve my English to work abroad later; then, IFA Paris welcomes people from all over the world and it’s more interesting to share this experience with people from different cultures. I actually visited the school first, and found the place warm and welcoming. I was afraid by the clichés about fashion schools but found the atmosphere of this school really nice and simple. I have to add another reason: after the course, students have the possibility to do an internship and for me, this is an important part because it represents a way to set a foot in the fashion world.”

The Fashion Studio Short Course is a very creative course, taught in a very easy and friendly atmosphere. “This creative atmosphere was new for me, explains Cindy. I really enjoyed it! When you are used to do business or recruitment, you are used to be pragmatic and you lose some part of your creativity. And I got it back at IFA Paris! Cindy's moodboardBecause yes, to create, we could be relaxed, to find inspiration, cutting pictures and glue them on a board. In the business world, most of people turn to conformism. In fashion design, I like the fact that it is the opposite: people can be themselves, expressing their difference. They can afford to give free reign to their creativity. So at IFA Paris, it was like being a child again! It was great for me to let the things go and just connect myself to others. Drawing was like a leisure before so it was really amazing to do that all day as real work! Also, I enjoyed the people I met in the course. We were all from different countries and we learned a lot from each other. We were like a team and we shared our recommendations to be better. I love the fact that we all were from different professional environments and have some different experiences: Nazuma (from Dubai) was a lawyer; Natasha (from Ecuador) has her own fashion brand and company, Carrie worked as a graphic designer in New York... and we were all in Fashion Studio to learn the same things without judgement!”

Cindy Temime found her style during IFA Paris’s short program. “At the beginning, when we planned to design our own collection, I had a lot of issues about "How to find my own style?" And at the end of the part about developing ideas with mood boards - on the theme "a princess from modern times", storytelling and drawing, I had a clearer idea of my universe and was sure about becoming a fashion designer. The course helped me to Cindy with classmate Natashaunderstand what kind of clothes I wanted to create, for which kind of customers and what I wanted to tell with my collection. Once a week, we went out to different places. The teacher said that the goal is to help us to develop inspiration. We went to the Picasso Museum, to a Balenciaga exhibition, to a Chloe exhibition, to the Dalida exhibition and to some shops like Mercy and Malhia Kent, to observe targets and products being sold. It was a good idea to go out of school and see the real world, to develop our own reflexion and learn new things about art and fashion!”

The Fashion Studio Short Course was for sure “the start of something new” for Cindy. “It was a great experience for me, she says. It really helped me to confirm my project and to become a fashion designer. It gave me the desire to keep learning in order to improve myself and I hope the best is yet to come!”

The next intakes for this Fashion Studio short course are in October 2017, March 2018 and July 2018. To learn more and to sign up, please visit: Fashion Studio Short Course