As part of their second year of the Bachelor Fashion Design studies, IFA Paris students took part in a project called “Recycling and Upcycling”.

In order to give every day materials a new life, students had to research recycled and sustainable material and use these to create a collection of garments on the same theme. They were asked not to use obvious material such as garbage bags.

Inventiveness and creativity were the key words for the completion of this project. However, since they had to create garments, they had to keep in mind that it had to be wearable.

As a result, students created unique garments made out of a variety of things: a leather schoolbag, bubble wrap, vinyl inflatable mattress or synthetic hair. Some of them even created accessories such as a shopping bag made out of plastic bottles.

To learn more about this workshop and the program in which it is being taught: Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology