My name is Agus Cattaneo and I'm a professor at IFA’s Paris Campus. I have been working in the four main fashion weeks around the world for the past four years so that means more than eight seasons as I sometimes also cover men’s fashion week and couture, even though my main focus is women’s fashion week.

I first flew from Paris to New York for the launch of the fashion month which starts in New York. This is a month during which we go from city to city. By “we” I mean plenty of bloggers, influencers, photographers, stylist, editors, etc. It starts in New York, then London, Milan and finally Paris. This is the first season I started covering all this for IFA Paris’ students, friends and fans. I am sure you followed all the daily content on the IFA Paris Instagram stories and if you haven’t yet, I invite you to start following IFA Paris and me on Instagram (mobile only): &

Let me just briefly tell you about what I do during these fashion weeks. I travel to all four cities and I assist for some shows but my main job is outside the shows doing street style. I take pictures of bloggers, celebrities and other VIPs when they arrive at the different shows. And with all those pictures I create trend alerts.

After New York, London and Milan, now is time for the final stage: Paris Fashion Week.

And fashion month (madness) comes to an end. Everybody is finally going back home. For me, for the past year, home has been Paris, which feels so good, no more planes to take for a while.Beret trend (click to enlarge)

Paris Fashion Week to me is the best. I usually find the most elegant and sophisticated streetstyle looks. This season was no exception to that, but I have to say I also identified some eccentric looks as well. Let’s take a look. These are the key trends and ideas that I saw:

Beret: These looks with the beret hat made me feel like a painter in Montmartre back in the day. A lot of people are wearing this particular hat.

Total Black: Of course we are going to find full black looks in Paris Fashion Week, as this is the way most French women dress all day long.

Camel mood trend (click to enlarge)Black and White: When in Paris, colorful looks are not that common to find, so these black and white looks are just right.

Blazers: Of all lengths and cuts, a lot of people wearing a basic t-shirt and a blazer to dress that look up.

Camel Mood: As I said with black, same applies to this color. We see it all year round in Paris as it is elegant and traditional.

Denim: As seen in other cities, denim is important. In this case, seen mainly in denim overalls.

Leather: Mainly seen in long leather coats.

Long dresses: Paris is no exception to the other three cities. Long dresses were key this season.

Metallic Touch: This is kind of an extravagant color for Paris. We can find a lot of this color in London or even Milan but for Paris is not that common.Metallic touch (click to enlarge)

Mix and Match: These looks made me feel that I was back in Milan Fashion Week again, but I was in Paris. So to my surprise some people decided to mix prints and textures to attend the French shows.

Red Boots: Seen in all four cities, red is a key color in terms of footwear this season.

Leather mood trend (click to enlarge)See though dresses: This is a trend mainly seen at the Dior show, as Dior underwear are trendy, you want to show that up!

Sporty Pants: The most innovative being the ones with yellow lines on the side, as we are used to seeing red ones.

White Boots: Mainly worn with long dresses in Paris.

Suits: Many women attended the French shows in more of a masculine look, in suits with boxy look jackets.

White Look: We talked about the importance of white boots this season, in Paris we also saw many people in full white looks. That is part of the simple and elegant look that is very common to see in Paris.

I hope you enjoyed this month long coverage of the four major fashion weeks! See you soon! Best, Agus