My name is Agus Cattaneo and I'm a professor at IFA’s Paris Campus. I have been working in the four main fashion weeks around the world for the past four years so that means more than eight seasons as I sometimes also cover mens fashion week and couture, even though my main focus is womens fashion week.

On September 7th, I flew from Paris to New York to do all the coverage of NYFW (New York Fashion Week). NYFW is one entire week and represents the start of the fashion month. This is a month during which we go from city to city. By “we” I mean plenty of bloggers, influencers, photographers, stylist, editors, etc. It starts in New York, then London, Milan and finally Paris. This is the first season I started covering all this for IFA Paris’ students, friends and fans. I am sure you followed all the daily content on the Instagram stories and if you haven’t yet, I invite you to start following me on Instagram:

Let me just briefly tell you about what I do during these fashion weeks. I travel to all four cities and I assist for some shows but my main job is outside the shows doing streetstyle. I take pictures of bloggers, celebrities and other VIPs when they arrive at the different shows. And with all those pictures I create trend alerts.Asymmetry Trend (click to enlarge)

So if we take a look at the past week at NYFW, these are the main trend ideas I identified:

Asymmetry: this could be in the way some people styled their garments (for example wearing a shirt in a way that it shows one shoulder) or the way the garments are (a skirt that is short for example only on one part).

Color Shock Trend (click to enlarge)Belt: many people wearing a belt on top of a coat or jacket, emphasizing the waist. Many people for this wore Gucci’s waist bag.

Check pattern: this pattern was seen in basic black and white or red and black but also in pastel colors.

Color shock: some people decided to add some bright colors to their outfits. So we can see for example someone wearing brown classic pants with a fashion cobalt top.

Denim: denim is still relevant this season and I saw many people wearing full denim looks.

Hats: many people arrived to the shows wearing hats, and although it was sunny alCheck Pattern Trend (click to enlarge)most every day of NYFW, hats were not the reason. The reason was that hats are trendy!

Denim Trend (click to enlarge)Long dresses: I saw many people wearing miniskirts, but also many people wearing long dresses. The length varied from below the knee almost reaching the ankle to so long that it touched the floor.

Pink: pink was a very important color this season and many people decided to wear full pink looks.

Plaid: this pattern was also relevant, some people decided to wear it head to toe and some just in one item.

Red bag: this color of bag was relevant, big, medium or small, no matter what the size was, but it had to be red.Sporty Pants Trend (click to enlarge)

Suits Trend (click to enlarge)Ruffles: ruffles all over, on a top, on a dress, skirt or on the entire outfit.

Sporty pants: the sporty detail here being side stripes on pants, and in general bold color stripes.

Suits: suits are trendy and it is not any suit, but most people prefer paste or bold colored suits, yes it is still summer and we won’t show that.

T-shirts: t-shirts worn with elegant skirts or in a more casual way, but no matter how they were worn, text phrases on t-shirts are still relevant.

I hope this review gives you a nice understanding of what happened on the streets during NYFW. And who knows… maybe you like any of these trends and you can go ahead and style your outfit following these guidelines.

And now I've just landed in London and will start covering London Fashion Week. Thus once more, I’d like to invite you to go and see all on IFA Paris’ Instagram stories: (mobile app only)

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