My name is Agus Cattaneo and I'm a professor at IFA’s Paris Campus. I have been working in the four main fashion weeks around the world for the past four years so that means more than eight seasons as I sometimes also cover men’s fashion week and couture, even though my main focus is women’s fashion week.

I first flew from Paris to New York for the launch of the fashion month which starts in New York. This is a month during which we go from city to city. By “we” I mean plenty of bloggers, influencers, photographers, stylist, editors, etc. It starts in New York, then London, Milan and finally Paris. This is the first season I started covering all this for IFA Paris’ students, friends and fans. I am sure you followed all the daily content on the IFA Paris Instagram stories and if you haven’t yet, I invite you to start following IFA Paris and me on Instagram (mobile only): & style trend (click to enlarge)

Let me just briefly tell you about what I do during these fashion weeks. I travel to all four cities and I assist for some shows but my main job is outside the shows doing street style. I take pictures of bloggers, celebrities and other VIPs when they arrive at the different shows. And with all those pictures I create trend alerts.

After New York and London, now its time for Milan Fashion Week. Milan is always the city where I find the most colorful and extravagant looks. Let’s take a look at this season’s trends in Milan:

Hats trend (click to enlarge)Denim: This is a trend that we have seen in other cities as well, people going to shows in a more casual way. But as you can see in Milan is not just any denim, is a triple waisted one or a sparkling one, or any other but not just a simple pair of jeans, thats for sure.

Extravagant Style: Mix prints, mix textures, mix colors and that’s when you know you are in Milan Fashion Week.

Hats: Style your outfit with a nice hat, mostly black ones.

Total Black: this is very rare for Milan, but yes there were some women with total black looks.

Plaid: Another rare trend for Milan because it gives more of a traditional look, which is not that common to find in Milan. But when a trend is super strong it is normal to see it across all four cities.Power Suits trend (click to enlarge)

Feathers: Not full feather outfits but just feathers in some details, what is of course something that dresses up any garment. Very much in trend are Prada’s fairy shoes

Power Suits: We saw in other cities that women were often wearing suits, likewise in Milan, here we saw bold color suits.

Pink trend (click to enlarge)Red Mood: Head to toe red looks. This trend was mostly seen outside the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana shows.

Long Red boots: We talked about the importance of super long boots this season. So in Milan we also saw that and as it is Milan of course they are not black boots, or brown boots but red ones!

Ladies in Pink: We saw full head to toe pink looks like the one Chiara Ferragni wore to the Prada show or mixed with another bold color like bright red.Flowers in the Dark trend (click to enlarge)

Flowers in the Dark: Flowers with dark backgrounds. It could be in silk dresses or in embellished ones, but the importance is the background is in a dark color, like black or dark blue.

Brightening up your Gucci Waist Bag: The Gucci waist bag is still tre dy in Milan, of course with Gucci being an Italian brand. The unique thing is that in Milan the bag is not THE item that calls your attention the most, as it was always worn with super bright dresses or suits.

Yellow Mood: It was not a surprise to find head to toe yellow looks, and if it was not head to toe it was just one item but in a super bright tone.

Hope you enjoyed this review! I am now in Paris, which is the last city of fashion month and the Paris Fashion Week trends report is soon to come!