I left New York on September 14th to go to London. London Fashion Week is shorter than all the others but still very interesting of course.

We know when we arrive in LondBlue style trend (click to enlarge)on that we will have to work under the rain, but I have to say this season was a good one. Not much rain, which of course makes it easier to stay outside all day taking streetstyle pictures.

The trends I spotted during London FW are the following:

Blue Style: full blue looks, so in this case it is not about just one item in blue but about going to the show head to toe blue.

Classic Denim: this is something we have been seeing for a few seasons already. Some people decided to go to the shows with more casual looks, so denim is key for a casual lookGucci Waist Bag trend (click to enlarge).

Long sleeve dresses: there was not much rain as I said in London this time, but I have to say it was a little bit cold, so it was no surprise to see people wearing long sleeves. But of course we don’t want the summer to end, so I did see long sleeves dresses but with summer prints, like the red one that Olivia Palermo wore.

Green: this color was different from what we talked about blue. Green was just for one detail: one jacket, one sweatshirt, one coat, but not head to toe in green.

Silver tones trend (click to enlarge)Knitted: we see this trend in fun sweaters like the Calvin Klein one that doesn’t cover the shoulders, and also in some ponchos.

Plaid: this is a trend that we also spotted at NYFW. Here in London we mainly saw it in plaid jackets.

Silver Tones: we saw this trend especially in boots, but also some people decided to wear it in items, like the silver dress shown here.Green tops trend (click to enlarge)

Sporty pants: aligned with the denim trend, some people decided to go with a more casual look, and for this, these sporty pants with stripes on the side are key.

Gucci waist bag: this is THE bag of the season. Everybody has this bag! People wore it on top of dresses, pants and even on top of coats and raincoats. The one I have seen the most is the black one, but it also comes in colors like red and pink.

Net bag: this bag adds to the idea of informal looks to attend shows in FW, it is a casual bag, similar to a knitted grocery shopping bag.

Classic Trench: I said it rained less than expected, but of course I didn’t mean it didn’t rain at all, it is London after all! The unique thing was the styling of these trench coats, some wore it in a way so it showed one shoulder, some wore it open and some wore it closed with a waist bag on top.

XXL Boots trend (click to enlarge)Trendy Trench: And of course I also saw more trendy trenches. The most seen was the Calvin Klein one, it is like a plaid coat with a plastic coat on top.Trendy trench trend (click to enlarge)

White Boots: I think I can say this color was the most seen in any shoes, not only boots.

XXL Boots: Yes, XXL, not just L or XL. I am talking about boots that look like people are wearing pants underneath a skirt or dress, that's how long they are. And I saw them in all colors, but mainly bright ones like super bold pink.

Yellow: This is a color that I spotted and people wore it in only one item to add a colorful detail to an outfit, but also in head to toe yellow looks.

I hope you enjoyed this article and these pictures. Now I am off to Milan FW and can’t wait to show the street trends there. Stay tuned in the IFA Paris stories on Instagram!