For a project which is part of their Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Bachelor Visual Merchandising studies, IFA Paris’ students have to revamp the Bionat Boutique located in the heart of the Marais, the trendy neighbourhood of Paris, from the window to the shop architecture. The project also involves the rebranding of Bionat.

Bionat is a family brand created in Alsace (east of France) in 1996. The founders decided to focus on made in France eco-friendly leather goods, mainly shoes and bags. They also sell clothes in organic cotton and other natural materials.

For this project, IFA Paris’ students have to realize a market study on Bionat and on stores located in the Marais in order to identify consumers’ requirements and habits and therefore try to attract consumers.Bionat - IFA Paris Project

Students will also have to redesign the window and the whole architecture of the store while respecting the environment and the market study realized beforehand, the aim of this project being to revitalize Bionat’s attractiveness and increase the store’s visits.

BionatLeather ShoesThis project also involves looking for new styles for the products sold at Bionat like the shoes, the accessories and the garment collections of By Antoine & Fred.  Bachelor Fashion Marketing’ and Bachelor Visual Merchandising’ students, according to the results of their market study, can also suggest to expand Bionat’s offer that would respect Bionat’s values and fit in the rest of their products.

This project allows the students to put into practice what they have learnt at IFA Paris and is a great opportunity for them to understand the challenges and what is at stakes when rebranding a company and its visual identity while keeping in mind the brand’s values and philosophy.

For more information on the programs that allow students to take part in such projects: Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Bachelor Visual Merchandising.